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Natural Resources Damage Assessment

IEC is a national leader in the design and conduct of natural resources damage assessments for oil and hazardous chemical spills in the marine and aquatic environment. Our scientists have developed and applied scientifically rigorous and technically defensible approaches for assessing damages to marine and aquatic resources resulting from accidental oil spills both for the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and Federal Ministry of Environment.


They have documented the environmental impacts to and recovery of the marine environment from numerous oil spills, including the Bomu Oil Spill (Shell), Cawthorne Channel Oil Spill (Shell), Oil based mud disposal (Baroid), Abura 6 Oil/Mud Overflow (NPDC), Koko Toxic wastes dump (Federal Ministry of Environment), Hydrocarbon pollution of Rido/Romi River, Kaduna (Department of Petroleum Resources), Delta Oil Spill (Chevron) and Mobil 24inch Idoho Pipeline Oil Spillage.